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Stand Up To Silence

For over 30 years, CASA has been the community leader in providing lifesaving domestic violence support. Stevie & Fern was tasked with refreshing this iconic brand that had lost its relevancy and clarity amongst the community. The result captured a resurgence of the CASA brand, confidently standing up to the silence for those who need it most.


Business Strategy, Competitive Analysis, Consumer Interviews, Brand Strategy (Proposition & Positioning, Tone of Voice) Visual Identity (Logo, Color Palette), Tagline, Website, Internal Branding (Business cards, Signage, Social media), Brand Book, Collateral Materials, Campaign, Video.


“We understood that a rebrand could help reposition us in the marketplace, which is why we initially contracted Stevie & Fern.But what happened through our work with Stevie & Fern was so much more than repositioning – it was truly transformative.Not only did we strengthen our voice, we developed a deep confidence in who we are and where we’re going.Stevie & Fern’s work is much more than rebranding: it’s a journey of discovery and metamorphosis.

Lariana Forsythe, CEO

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